The playful antics and heartwarming social behaviors of primates capture the minds of people around the world. Dream Treks Africa is proud to offer an enlightening and captivating trip into East Africa’s primate habitats.

Discover primates in East Africa, which is blessed with a variety of them.Primates include Gorillas, Chimpanzees, monkeys. We have affordable packages for trekking chimpanzees, mountain gorillas and Golden Monkeys. These much adored creatures are endemic to Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

When it comes to Gorillas, Uganda that has the most Mountain Gorillas (over480) many of which are habituated, Chimpanzees in many parks, and one of the largest populations of Golden Monkeys. Uganda is Uganda the a great choice for primate trekking in East Africa. Choose the Habituation Experience with the Mountain Gorillas, and chimpanzees and you can spend 4 hours with a Family on an all-day memorable Habituation Experience Trek. 

Rwanda is home to Volcanoes National Park which is home to a large population of mountain gorillas. Nyungwe Forest National Park has the biggest population of black and white colobus monkeys found anywhere in the world with over 300 different troops. Other species of primates including the red tailed monkey, blue monkey, and the grey cheeked mangabey.

Chimpanzee trekking is a famous activity in the Nyungwe Forest National Park where you can get close to man’s closest cousin. Several hiking trails will lead you to a group of habituated chimpanzees and visitors can spend an hour enjoying how chimps feed and groom their young ones with rewarding photographic opportunities.

In northern Tanzania species such as olive and yellow baboons occur in the the savanna along with vervet monkeys. This area harbours a staggering 11 primate species, out of which three monkey species are endemic – the Udzungwa red colobus, the Sanje mangabey and the Kipunji.

Kenya is blessed with a large variety of monkeys many of which are threatened due to habitat loss.